An unrepeatable path, a great epic that made Ernesto Colnago famous in the world. The bicycle that evolves, transforms, becomes a means for everyone and at the same time a symbol of modernity and innovation.
Not just one story, really, but two parallel stories: that of a young boy working as a welder in the workshop at the age of 12, developing the creative genius that would turn him into a myth; along with that of the technological rigor and construction quality that have always accompanied the insights of the enthusiastic innovator Ernesto Colnago.
In 2022, LA Collezione Ernesto Colnago was born, to retrace a glorious more than 75-year history, showcasing the immense technical and cultural heritage of legendary bicycles unique in the world.
An entrepreneurial success that becomes a cultural event.
A journey into the very essence of cycling. An immersive and exciting experience to be lived in the 1,000 square meters of the Cambiago workshop transformed into a museum (free admission by reservation).
“A treasure chest of memories, past and future dreams, emotions and ideas that will take shape where everything was born.”